Students make March Madness picks


A student watches a March Madness game on their Chromebook during class.

Abel Flessner

Every March, students tune into the Selection Sunday show on one of the first Sundays in March, greatly looking forward to seeing what seed their favorite team is going to be. The anticipation around school the week before is intense, as students debate the seeds that will be assigned. 

This year, unlike many others, both Indiana and Purdue received top four seeds, so students are anticipating deep runs for both teams. 

Many choose to go with the higher seeded teams, while some choose to go with the underdogs that could make a run. 

“I’m looking forward for March Madness because of the pizza and basketball,” sophomore Carter Klaus said, “I think UCLA is going to win it all because they are good.”

UCLA was a common pick. 

“I think UCLA is going to win because they are so good,” junior Sylvia Banner said. 

“My wife and I went with UCLA this year,” counselor Scott Stenzinger said. 

Others chose the easier way out and went with the highest overall seed, which is finally not Gonzaga, but Alabama. 

“I think Alabama is going to win because they have looked really good this season,” junior Sophie Peterson said. 

The number one overall seed is usually a very easy team to pick to win, but never really seems to get it done when March comes around. 

Purdue and Indiana also got their fair share of love from students. 

“I’m looking forward to it being a very competitive tournament,” sophomore Landon Haffner said, “I think Purdue is going to win because Purdue always wins.”

Purdue is the fourth overall one seed, and they do have a clear road to the Final Four if they can hit their shots and continue playing well under pressure. 

“I think IU is going to win because they have a good freshman guard,” senior Jaiden Gray said. 

Indiana has a tougher draw as they are a four seed, so if they can get past their first two games, they will have to play Houston, the one seed, then potentially play Texas after that, the two seed. 

Then of course, there are always people dedicated to their teams, no matter what seed they are. 

“I’m looking forward to watching my boys win,” sophomore Theo Childers-Arnold said, “my boys from Memphis.”

Though it is very unlikely, anything can happen in the March Madness tournament. 

March Madness started yesterday at 12:15 p.m. and will continue through the rest of March and into April.