Student section an embarrassment to school community


Editorial staff

The overall lack of student school spirit is embarrassing. It negatively impacts school pride and culture. A prime example of the student body’s lack of morale is the pathetic student sections at sporting events.

A strong student section motivates players who are actively competing and excites fellow fans who are there to root for their team. A lively student section overall contributes to an environment that is thrilling for both fans and players. It allows teams to play for their friends and peers which leads to fulfilling celebrations and a larger sense of community.

In most instances student sections are seen as being at football and basketball games. This year both sports have been unable to consistently bring out a large group of engaged students to cheer on our teams. Just Wednesday, the boys basketball team competed in a season-ending sectional game. At tipoff, a student section was nowhere to be found as the few students who were present for the start of the game were scattered throughout the gym. Around halftime, the majority of an overall weak group of students arrived late and moved to sit together at the end of the court.

The school desperately needs a culture shift and a way to bring students together and build camaraderie. Comparing ourselves to neighboring schools is pitiful. It is frustrating to compete against a team who has an entire student body chanting for them and receiving nothing in response. Two large student sections going back and forth is an exhilarating experience. Neighboring schools also have traditions that have lasted years such as certain songs, chants, clapping, and cheers. North Central has no original rituals as a fan base that bring everyone together.

It has become tradition that students dress in a theme when sitting in the student section. Themes are often debated among student’s about which theme would be better for which game. Themes have slowly become less traditional such as “Daddy’s Money” or  “Hawaiian.” North Central students participate less in these unconventional themes which leads to a lack of unity. If the themes were simpler such as wearing the same school colors it would encourage more participation in the themes and read as a more unified force.

Being able to build a culture of maintaining school pride and supporting the people who represent the school is something that can be achieved. When football players show up to a home soccer game after their practice it makes the soccer players want to show up to support the football team on Friday nights. When cheerleaders get responses from an electrifying crowd they will want to cheer a little louder. When the players compete with “Panthers” across their jersey it gives them an extra push of adrenaline to play at their best.

Perhaps it is time the student body starts prioritizing school spirit. Instead, maybe school spirit shouldn’t be reliant on a single “student section leader” who was chosen to be voted on by graduating students.