MLB experiences eventful offseason

Abel Flessner, Managing Editor

With the MLB season nearing, much of the anticipation amongst MLB fans is about the stars that have been recently signed to new deals. 

Some of the big names around the MLB that got signed were Aaron Judge, Trea Turner and Dansby Swanson.

There were also some controversies. Who was going to get which player? The race for who would offer the largest contract is always intriguing. We also saw a player get signed by two teams for 300 million dollars, then not pass his physical. 

It was a very busy offseason. 

The biggest name on the market was Aaron Judge. The race for who would get him lasted a month. The Giants and the Yankees were both all in on the superstar. 

Eventually, Judge decided to go to the Yankees. He went on a 9-year, $360 million contract. After breaking the single-season AL home run record, Judge is worth all of the money he will be paid. 

Another big race was for Trea Turner. The speedy shortstop, a former dodger in the 99th percentile in the MLB for speed, went to the Phillies. The reigning NL champion is hoping that Trea Turner is the missing piece needed to win the World Series. 

The next biggest signing was for one of the MLB’s most struggling teams. Coming off of one of their worst seasons in the last few years, the Cubs picked up All-Star shortstop and 2022 Gold Glove winner, Dansby Swanson. 

The former Brave was signed to a 7-year $177 million deal. The Cubs also signed outfielder Cody Bellinger, first baseman Eric Hosmer and pitcher Jameson taillon. The Cubs look to have a better season than last year’s disappointing one. 

The biggest scandal this offseason was the race for Carlos Correa. After signing a 13-year deal with the Giants, a few days later the front office refused to sign his contract after failing his physical. 

The Mets came right in and picked up Correa that day. They agreed on a 12-year deal. After a few more days, the Mets also declined Correa’s contract after another failed physical. 

Correa ended up with a 6-year $200 million contract with his former team, the Twins. 

This left many fans wondering: what was all of this about?

The isse with Correa’s physical was a calf injury, which he suffered many years ago in the minor leagues. The injury came up when he took his physicals, and it concerned the clubs’ doctors. 

This offseason was very eventful, and many fans are very excited to see the developments that are made with these teams who are making a run at the World Series.