Latest headphone policy logical but unreasonable


A student does independent work while using earbuds.

Antionette Frazier

The administrators released a new headphone policy Wednesday morning. Students are not permitted to use their headphones to play music on their devices during any part of class time. Students may only use them in the hallway or if the teachers assign an activity that requires the use of headphones.

Administrators are making a crucial mistake, since most students use their headphones for different reasons. Listening to music can help students focus on assignments and block out distractions from the classroom. Taking away headphones will not help students turn in assignments or keep their attention. 

Most teachers already had policies in the classrooms. For example, headphones were not allowed during lecture and instruction time, but were allowed during independent work time only. Administrators should have let teachers decide the boundaries they want in their classroom about the use of headphones. 

I can understand why the administrators thought it would have been a good idea to not allow headphones in the classroom. Some students do use headphones to watch movies and distract themselves from their schoolwork. Also, headphones can be deemed disrespectful to teachers when they are giving directions and students are watching their favorite show on Netflix. Administrators feel like it’s best to just eliminate headphones from the classroom all around instead of teachers having to fight for attention from their students.

I feel like the new headphone policy is taking away a privilege from all students due to some students using them incorrectly. I actually use my headphones to focus and concentrate and my privilege to have headphones is now being taken away. Administrators should be more involved in the classroom to observe how students work best, and then make an evaluation on headphones being allowed in the classroom.