Kim Gosch reflects on life-saving blood donation


Truitt Parker

On February 10 students ages 16 and up and at least 110 pounds are able to participate in the blood drive. Math teacher and tennis coach Kim Gosch encourages students to donate blood after she had a near death experience and was saved by a blood donation.

“When I had my first kid I had complications and she needed to be delivered immediately and in the process of my surgery I lost about half the blood in my body. So I had blood donations and I’m attributing that to a blood drive somewhere,” Gosch said.

She is happy to be alive after receiving blood. She may not be sure where the blood came from, she believes it was donated by someone, somewhere. 

“I didn’t know it in the moment because I was under anesthesia, but yes the blood I received saved my life and I’m here because of the donations,” Gosch said. 

Donating blood at this year’s blood drive is a great way to help others out. The blood donated from one person is able to help 3 people in the hospital. Like Gosch was saved by someone’s donation you too can help someone out.

“I think the blood drive is just a great cause and you never know who needs it. Even if it’s helping a complete stranger who’s in the hospital you’re still saving lives. So if you’re able to, it’s a great thing to help others,” Gosch said.

If you meet the qualifications it’s important to consider doing the blood drive so that you can save lives, just as someone saved Gosch’s.