Auditorium open for use


Kaden Edwards

The auditorium opened back up officially on December 5.

There has been extensive construction to better the school and help out programs like athletics, theater, choir and education in general run better. 

The technical theater class is where students help design scenery, study the basic concepts of stage lighting, scenic painting and stage rigging. There are two levels to this class being intro and advanced. 

Jared McGowan is the technical theater director and this school year is his first school year here. 

Since he was not at NC prior to the construction of the auditorium he does not know the differences between the old and new auditorium. 

It is very well equipped and has a lot of educational tools,” McGowan said.

Huge differences were made to the auditorium even if it does not meet the eye. There is a lot of behind the scenes stuff that viewers of plays and musicals do not see.

 It is a great learning environment because it is an introduction to reality,” McGowan said.

This is a great development for NC in general because high school is supposed to prepare you for the rest of your life.

We can host the junior spec with the whole student body present without a problem,” McGowan said.

Junior Spectacular is a series of shows hosted on by the junior class every year and a very important part of NC culture.

I was the lighting director at Carmel for the past 7 years,” McGowan said.

Even compared to schools like Carmel, NC’s auditorium is on a different level than any other schools.

In my experience it is better equipped than any high school,” McGowan said.

Even among the best of the best auditoriums ours sit at the top along with other auditoriums.

It is equivalent to a professional level auditorium,” McGowan said.

A lot of smaller schools do not have auditoriums and they have to make do with a gym or even sometimes a cafeteria.

I never had an auditorium, we just had a gym,” McGowan said.

This is important because NC gives a lot of opportunities. No one at the school should take anything that NC has and does for granted.