North Central offers many extra curricular opportunities

North Central offers many extra curricular opportunities

Bella Wilson

NC has lots of opportunities to get involved in different councils, teams and clubs. Senior Dylan Butts shares about her experience with getting involved at school. 

“I am a part of women’s lacrosse,” Butts said.

Butts joined the girls lacrosse team her junior year, and plans to participate this year as well. 

“I think it is important to be involved in some sort of club or sport. It creates a sense of self and is a good way to create connections,” Butts said.

Butts was able to meet people she would’ve never become friends with if it wasn’t for lacrosse. Participating in a sport allows students to spend time with new people and try out new hobbies. 

While Butts doesn’t participate in any other clubs or sports, she is often present at other sporting events. She went to some football games this school year and had fun dressing to the theme.

On the other hand, sophomore Kennedy Rives isn’t a part of any club or sport this year. 

“I did cheer throughout middle school and my freshman year. I’m not interested in joining anything this year, I’ve been enjoying my extra free time,” Rives said.  

This is another thing to consider, being part of an extracurricular activity takes time out of one’s schedule. Balancing school and activities can be a struggle. Many people enjoy just having free time after school. 

Sports are not the only thing that has students getting involved. Junior Syliva Banner fills her schedule up with additional activities besides athletics. Banner is a part of multiple clubs and councils, including Earth Club, Best Buddies, National Honor Society and Junior Class Council.

Banner finds these enjoyable. They keep her involved in the school community and give her plenty of things to put on her college applications next year. 

Visit the NC website for more information about athletics and a list of the offered clubs.