Students experience range of emotions regarding the PSAT


Gentile shows off his PSAT study book.

Bella Wilson

Freshmen, sophomores and juniors took the PSAT this past Tuesday. The test is given nationwide, designed to give students a feel for what the SAT will be like later in the school year.

Students received multiple emails and a PSAT prep booklet weeks before the test took place.

Junior Jackson Gentile feels like he did well.

“I feel smarter and that I did my best,” Gentile said, “the math portion was the hardest.”

Gentile said he did not study or participate in any prep work for the test.

“The SAT is important to me, but I wasn’t too worried about the PSAT,” Gentile said.

The timing of the test is stressful to some students, but not an issue for others.

“The time was perfect. I had about two minutes to spare each time,” Gentile said.

The PSAT lasted from homeroom to the end of third period. Most teachers saw low attendance in periods four through ten, as many students got called out of school after the test.

Seniors did not have to take the PSAT and had the opportunity to job shadow or visit colleges.