California is a diverse place to vacation

Eli Thompson, Sports Editor

Another place that I have traveled to is California. It is one of my favorite places because of the weather and the diversity of the different cities. 

One of the most popular cities in California is San Francisco. They are known for their steep and winding roads and there’s lots to do. The Golden Gate Bridge is a big attraction along with Alcatraz Island. 

My favorite city in California is Monterey which is known for its beautiful beaches and landscape. 

Another great place is Los Angeles which is the most well known city in California. One thing I did when I was in Los Angeles was Santa Monica pier which is a large pier with lots of attractions and a great view. Another popular place to visit is Venice Beach which is very popular and has crazy gymnasts and other people with crazy talents. 

San Diego is another large city in California. One of my favorite places I went to was old town which is a little town that represents Mexican heritage. Another thing to do in San Diego is to go to the USS Midway Museum. 

California is a great place for all types of people such as people that like all types of food, enjoy looking at different landscapes and views or just visiting the different cities.