Spanish coffee impresses

 While I typically order an iced vanilla latte with almond milk for my coffee reviews, I recently took a trip to Madrid, Spain and tried traditional Spanish coffee. In Spain it’s near impossible to order an iced coffee because a traditional coffee there is a hot coffee with milk or an espresso. 

One of my favorite coffees I had was at San Ginés where I had a hot coffee with milk. Although it wasn’t frigid outside, the hot coffee was perfect for the fall weather. The coffee also had steamed milk like a traditional latte which, in my opinion, was far better than any iced latte in the United States. 

To go along with the very good coffee experience, the service at the cafe was amazing. Even though most of my family, except my brother, spoke little to no Spanish at all, the staff at the cafe were so excited we were visiting the country and put up with our very poor Spanish skills. 

My only honest complaint would be that the coffee was too small for it to be that good, I felt like I drank it too fast, but nonetheless it was one of the best coffees I’ve ever had. Overall I’m going to rate this coffee a 9.5/10 just in case I find the perfect coffee!