New NBA video game hits shelves

Justin Kelley

Ronnie2K and the 2K creators released “NBA 2K23” two weeks ago and it has received a lot of attention. Around 10 million buy 2K each year and it is one of the most popular games on game consoles today.

There are multiple versions of 2K that are available to be purchased. There is the standard edition which is around the $60 range, the WNBA edition which is around $70, there is the Micheal Jordan edition which is $100 and then there is the digital deluxe edition which is around $80. The most expensive edition is the championship edition which is around $150.

The deluxe edition costs a lot more, but not without giving the player a huge advantage. This deal provides the user with 10,000 MyTeam points and 10,000 MyTeam tokens. There are also clothes provided to the MyPlayer mode.

There are many different modes in “2K23.” There is “Play Now” where you can use any NBA team from any time period and you can play against the CPU, your friends or a random person online.

Another mode, and the most played, in MyCareer. In MyCareer you can customize any type of build that you want. You can play season games to help gain badges and attributes for your player or you could head over to the neighborhood with a friend or two and play against other duos or trios.

NBA 2K23 has better graphics and better shooting mechanics than “NBA 2K22.” New players were added and more different badges were added to the MyCareer mode. This year there are no current players that are rated 99 overall but there are many all time players headed by prime LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

I would give “NBA 2K23” an 8/10 because the graphics are really good and it is a really fun way to spend time with friends. 2K is a very popular game and a lot of people spend a lot of time on it, which leads to a lot of really good players. If you play against a good player that spends a lot of time on the game, then it is not fun to play which is why I give it an eight.