Twenty Tap provides an enjoyable experience

Alva Erskine

This week, my mom and I decided to go out to eat after I finished some of my homework. We went to Twenty Tap at 54th and College in Broad Ripple, a craft beer bar that also has a sit-down restaurant on half of the building. 

They had many options on their menu, including burgers, black bean burgers, grilled salmon, French breakfast and many more. 

I decided to order cheese curds as an appetizer. They were great, and came with a variety of different sauces. I ordered a burger with no side since we had cheese curds already. 

The burger was great, it was good quality and they also had some different spices in it that I thought were really good. I enjoyed my meal a lot, but not only the meal. The service was efficient and we had little wait time, only around five minutes. 

The waiters were engaging and helpful with the menus and all other things you might want to ask in a waiter. It was a decent amount of money for me and my mom’s orders all together, but I believe that it was all definitely worth it. 

The experience of going with my mom to the restaurant was actually really great for a Tuesday night. The food was great, the environment was great and the people who worked there had good attitudes. 

I would definitely recommend Twenty Tap in Broad Ripple as a solid lunch or dinner spot.

Brothers Bar and Grill did not disappoint – September 20, 2022

On Tuesday, some of my friends and I went to Brothers Bar and Grill in Broad Ripple after baseball practice. We chose to go on Tuesday because they had their famous weekly burger special. Every Tuesday, burgers are only $2 so we thought it would be a great idea to go. 

The place is great. I had always seen and heard of it in Broad Ripple, but I had never gone in before. Upon walking in, I got a sports bar and grill vibe for sure. All of the waiters and waitresses were kind and outgoing with me and my friends. 

We all ordered burgers. Everyone ordered at least two burgers, some bought three and even four. Great burgers, great quality. I think it is so worth it and the burgers were massive. 

Add some fries on the side for $0.75 and a free fountain drink, and that is a great deal. I personally ordered two burgers with fries and a drink. I anticipated the price to be up near $10 but it was only $6.27. 

I thought it was crazy that you can get two burgers, fries and a drink for $6.27 on a random Tuesday. Service was fast and efficient and the food was great. 

I would totally recommend checking it out. My baseball friends and I even decided to make it a tradition, and from now on we are going to Brothers every week after our Tuesday baseball practices.