BRICS icecream offers many options

Lauren Botts

This week I visited BRICS ice cream in Broad Ripple to try their ice cream. I picked out the salted caramel flavor because it looked delicious and I wanted something with a little chocolate in it. 

Salted caramel ice cream at BRICS is caramel sea salt truffles in vanilla ice cream with a salted caramel ribbon. I got the regular size for $5 but there was also a smaller size called the “Briclet” for $4.25. Brics also offers pints, quarts, half gallons and family packs. 

If you aren’t feeling ice cream when you go there, they have vegan desserts, smoothies, cookies and brownies as well. Having vegan options allows more people to experience the great taste of BRICS desserts. 

Being in Broad Ripple, BRICS is a hotspot for people walking around the busy area. It offers a cool treat to chill after a long day or to just have fun with your friends.