“The Cousins” uncovers family mystery

Kate Rogers, Opinion Editor

I just read The Cousins by Karen M. McManus, a mystery novel involving a very wealthy family. The story revolves around Aubrey, Milly and Jonah Story. Three cousins representing all parts of their family. Before they were born they were disinfortuned by their grandmother Mildred Story. The longer they spend together on Gull Cove Island, the family island, the more secrets are revealed. 

Jonah revealed to his cousins that he was in fact, not a part of the family. Instead he was being paid by JT, the real cousin, to play the part.

As they get to know their grandmother better they begin to question her motives for inviting them to the island. When they discover their grandmother’s real identity, their grandmother’s old assistant, Theresa. She took over Mildred’s estate many years ago and has been lying to everyone. 

I would highly recommend this book. It outlines the challenges the cousins go through to find the real identity of their grandmother and the real reasons they were invited to the family island. The story reflects the bonds Aubrey, Milly and Jonah develop and the corruptness of their family. 

“Out of My Mind” teaches overcoming adversity – September 19, 2022

Recently, I read Out of My Mind, a story about a girl named Melody with cerebral palsy, written by Sharon M. Draper. The book follows Melody’s life from the beginning, highlighting the struggles she faces because of her disabilities. 

When Melody is five, she is tested for a learning disability and the doctors suggest that she be enrolled in a school that would slow her down and only see her for her disability, even though she is highly intelligent. Despite this, Melody’s parents decide to let her experience a regular elementary school environment. 

While Melody has difficulty learning, she is integrated into the classroom to experience the normality of school. When she moved into the classroom she met new people, but faced bullies. Though she faced adversity, she used her new abilities to join her school’s quiz bowl. This club gave her a chance to interact with even more of her classmates. 

She is given an electric wheelchair that gives her more freedom and more ability to move around. Along with the increase in mobility, Melody’s care-giver expands her vocabulary skills by exposing her to more and more words and phrases. 

The book outlines the hardships Melody faces, but with the help from her family and friends she is able to overcome some of these challenges.The message of this book is about growth and the overcoming of challenges. I would highly recommend this book.