Freshman swimmer tackles the responsibility of school and athletics


Carlise stands with her teammates after an afternoon practice. Their shared experiences on the swim team have created many memories.

Cailyn Robertson, Sports Editor

NC is home to many student athletes. Every day, these athletes are tasked with balancing their academics and sports.

Freshman Carlise Leppert experiences this challenge with her swimming career at Washington Township Swim Club. As a freshman, Leppert is not only learning how high school works, but how to manage school and sports as well.

Leppert’s days can start as early as 6 a.m. with morning practices from 6- 8 a.m., in which the team does a combination of weights and swimming. Her afternoons are filled with swimming as well, with practice from 4-6 p.m.

With days packed with swimming practice and school in between, Leppert has to find a balance between school and swim.

“It’s hard,” Leppert said, “right when I get home I have to do my homework and then go to sleep so that I can wake up early the next morning.”

With a packed schedule, it can be challenging to find the motivation to make it to each practice. Leppert says she believes one of her greatest accomplishments is making herself commit to the schedule and do the work she is needed to do.

Leppert is proud that she has been able to go to her practices every day and successfully do her work.

Because of her hard work, Leppert has been able to experience state tournaments. Through these tournaments she has made many great memories with her teammates.

“We buy each other gifts,” Leppert said, “it’s really fun.”

Although at the moment she is playing NC soccer, Leppert is ready to commit herself to swimming once the season is done.