Avocado toast is an easy to make snack for anyone

Luke Routt, Editor-in-Chief

Cooking is a great hobby with many benefits. I would like more people to take up cooking because it is a very useful skill. I started helping my mom cook from a very young age.

I love making breakfast-type meals like sandwiches, omelets, eggs and more. My favorite breakfast meal is avocado toast because it is quick and easy to make. My avocado toast only needs five ingredients: toast, avocado, cream cheese, one egg and everything bagel seasoning.

I start by cooking the egg. The egg can be prepared any way you would like, but I prefer fried. Next I cut up an avocado and smash it into a spread. After making the toast, I spread the cream cheese and avocado onto it and place the egg on top. Finally, I sprinkle everything bagel seasoning on top and enjoy!

I started making this dish a few years ago. My sister made me the meal and I loved it. She taught me how to smash the avocado and what seasoning to use, and I have been making it ever since.

This dish originated in Sydney, Australia. A chef started serving it at his cafe. The locals loved the dish and it took off from there. Today, avocado toast is sold in places like Panera and Starbucks. The avocado toast sold at these places are good, but I definitely prefer my homemade version.