New shoes take school by storm

Two students wear the shoes in the Student Center.

Two students wear the shoes in the Student Center.

Abel Flessner

At NC we have a lot of people wearing a lot of different things. Some of these things are crazy, and to the average person, seem very odd. One of these things is the foam golf ball shoes that people wear.

There are a lot of varying opinions on these shoes. People that have them seem to love them and wear them in all of their glory, but people that don’t have them seem to not understand the hype. For people that wear these shoes, they are great.

“They’re really comfortable actually, they go with a lot of things” junior Cedric Waters said.

The opposing side would argue that they look very weird and are something that they would never wear. “They’re terrible.” Freshman Preston Knoll said, “They’re ugly. They’re all sorts of colors and made of golf balls.” At first glance, they are certainly not the most attractive shoes.

Many will wonder where in the world these shoes came from. “I got mine from Amazon.” Freshman Amyiah Pearson said. She would argue with the opinion that they are very ugly. “They are very stylish,” Pearson said.

Others would just prefer an alternative to these shoes as there are many different slides that you can have than these, that may fit in better with the average person. “I would personally never get them. I don’t understand the attraction and I would rather get different slides.” Sophomore Celsey Wimmersberger said. There are many other brands that offer shoes that fit in much better than these crazy shoes.

The average person, when choosing slides to wear to school, would go with a more neutrally colored, flatly shaped shoe. People that want to be more bold with their choice would go with that alternative, which is something like these golf ball shoes.

Personally, I think that it is great that people want to branch out and wear different types of shoes, but I would rather go with a more basic shoe than a bright orange shoe made of foam golf balls. I think that is a very bold choice, but yet again there is really nothing wrong with that.

At a place like NC with so many different people coming from all over the place, people are going to wear many different types of things. Some may see this as abnormal but others may see this as a way to express themselves. All we can do is choose what we wear while others may wear some pretty crazy things.