Roots Burger Bar leaves a good impression

Colin O

I recently went to Roots Burger Bar on East 71st Street. This restaurant was opened in 2021 by Scotty Wise. It is a very popular spot for local families. 

Wise opened the restaurant as a new franchise after he sold his previous restaurants, such as 3 Wise Men, Scotty’s Brewhouse and Scotty’s Doghouse. Wise named the restaurant “Roots” because he is going back to the original restaurant he opened as a 22-year-old in 1996. 

When ordering, you can get a starter which has smaller options like different wings, chips and fried appetizers. I would recommend the boneless wings. They were very well cooked and tasted great. 

For your main course there are five main categories of food options and a kids menu. The options consist of Soups & Salads, Burger Bar, Bird Bar, which is different bird and chicken options, Good Groceries, which is local produce and products made into meals like homestyle sandwiches and steaks, and Wraps. 

The main item on the menu is “The Wise All-American Burger” in the Burger Bar category, which is what I got. What comes on this burger is cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion and Roots special secret sauce. The cheese options are Swiss, American or cheddar. 

I liked the burger. It was very good and the branded logo on the burger bun looks cool. It comes with a generous amount of potato wedges, which were also very delicious. Overall, it was a great experience and I absolutely recommend going there with friends and family.