Students share their thoughts on spirit week


Freshmen Rebecca Steingold and Finn Cohen pose for a photo.

Bella Wilson

Spirit Week is September 19-23, leading up to the dance on the following Saturday, September 24. The Student Council came up with a theme for each day, which they listed on posters around school. Remember, while dressing to the theme, the school dress code still applies.

 The themes are: Monday, pajama day, Tuesday, senior citizen vs. babies, Wednesday, “On Wednesday we wear pink,” Thursday, little Miss/Mr/Mx, Friday, class color day.

Students have differing opinions on the Spirit Week themes and which days they are looking forward to the most.

“Little miss, it looks so funny. It’s a unique theme, I think it will be fun,” freshman Rebecca Stiengold said.

“I’m very disappointed that on Wednesday we have E-learning. The theme is so iconic I wish we were at school,” Steingold said.

Steingold is excited for Spirit Week as plans on participating every day.

“Spirit week is my favorite,” Steingold said.

While some students are ready to show their spirit regardless of theme, others have more specific preferences.

“I’m most excited about pajama day because it’s the comfiest,” freshman Finn Cohen said.

Cohen was not as excited about senior citizen vs. baby day.

“I don’t want to dress up as a baby,” Cohen said.

“I might miss out on senior citizens day, but other than that I plan on participating in all of them,” Cohen said.

To stay updated on themes and reminders about spirit week, you can follow the Student Council on Instagram @nc_stuco.