New seats and benches in the weight room


Junior Cole Frank tries out the new bench.

Justin Kelley

The weight room is one of the most important places in our school. It is where all of our athletic teams and weights classes happen, so a lot of time is spent there.

New weight benches and equipment have recently been added. They have gained popularity among those who use them.

“The new weight benches are nice and sturdy,” junior Josiah Foor said.

“They are more comfortable,” Foor said, “and they are easier to adjust.”

Weightlifting is a great way to stay in shape. Here at NC, we have quality equipment where any exercise can be done.

Anybody can take the weights class,which is highly recommended and enjoyed by students.

“The new benches are wider and are very well built,” junior Cole Frank said.

“The weights benches make some exercises easier to accomplish,” Frank said.

The weights classes and sports teams look forward to using the new weights benches and seats for the remainder of the year and beyond.