Student section banner competition


2021 senior student section leaders at a home football game.

Bella Wilson

To kick off the 2022 football season, student section leader Taylor Danielson is starting a school-wide spirit banner competition. 

“It is a school-wide competition between each class to see who has the most school spirit at football games,” Danielson said. 

As the new student section leader, Danielson hopes this idea will result in better attendance and a more enthusiastic atmosphere at the football games. 

“I was inspired by the state-wide banner competition and decided to make one similar just for NC to get people excited about coming to the games,” Danielson said. 

The class that wins the competition must have the best attendance at all football games, be dressed on-theme and be the loudest when cheering. Danielson will announce the winner at the end of the football season. 

Once a class has been chosen, they will receive a banner to be hung outside of their class representative’s door to showcase their spirit. 

Danielson has been promoting all of the football games on the student section Instagram page @nchsstudentsection23. The page is used to remind students of the themes of games, as well as when and where they are. 

To win this competition, the winning class must have the best participation and attendance at both home and away games. Danielson is eager to continue the football season and promote this competition.