STEM industry opportunities


Teresa Corazza

Science, technology, engineering and math classes are often overlooked when planning your schedule. Whether you’re looking for a career in STEM or another field, all STEM programs have long-term benefits to your future career.

ACE Mentoring is a program for those interested in architecture, construction and engineering. In this club, students work on a year-long collaborative project with students from neighboring schools. By meeting mentors and learning from each other, students have the opportunity to make industry connections while still in high school. 

Scholarship opportunities are also offered to the students who exemplify commitment and dedication to the field. In 2021, $53,000 in scholarship money was awarded to Indianapolis youth.

The J. Everett Light Career Center offers students the opportunity to graduate high school with industry-recognized certifications, including several STEM courses. These courses enable students to acquire the skills needed for their preferred field or potentially a high-paying job straight out of high school. 

Project Lead The Way Engineering can prepare you for any future career by teaching essential problem solving skills. This three year course, taught by engineering teacher Joshua Quinn, only requires one hour per day. 

PLTW’s mission is to empower students to solve problems and inspire them to reinvent how they see themselves. These courses create familiarity between the student and the design process, affords essential skills and in depth knowledge of the field as well as familiarizes students with the modern electronic devices that we interact with daily. 

“Engineering is creating a new and innovative future for me and those around me,” engineering student Marco Toumi said.