Library hosts reading contest


To learn more about the content visit the upper information center and look in the storage case.

Nataijah White-Davis

The library is hosting an ongoing lottery drawing to encourage students to read the Rosewater nominated books. Students who read one book and rate it may have a chance to win either a Starbucks or a Steak ‘n Shake gift card. 

The next drawing will be the Wednesday after spring break. Having the drawing after break gives students a chance to read the nominated books and turn in their ballots. 

The library encourages students to read by promoting the new books the library brings in. In the upper library, there is a display that encourages students to follow their passions whether it’s reading, writing or drawing. 

If reading is not your thing, the library also has a drawing contest that offers the same prizes as the Rosewater lottery. The drawing contest requires students to draw a bunny, and the artist of the best drawing gets to take a picture with a fluffy bunny. and Students have the chance to get their own template of their drawing in the library along with gift cards. The entry deadline for the drawing contest is April 11. 

Library chair Helene Achgill organized both events. The library encourages students to participate in the Rosewater lottery and the drawing contest as a way to get more involved, especially considering our library does not typically get the attention it deserves from students. The drawing contest and lottery are both great opportunities for students to express themselves while having fun.