Seniors recognized at Top 25 ceremony


Senior Lucy Neal is recognized with her social studies teacher Jim Tallman at the top 25 ceremony.

Mira Bloomer

Being a part of the top 25 academic students is a major accomplishment. As the seniors are soon to graduate, they are acknowledged for their hard work throughout their high school careers. 

The students with the highest GPA’s were honored and recognized at an awards ceremony. These students are proud of their academic achievements and hard work throughout their four years of high school. Senior Ameila Xanders is one of the 25 honored seniors. 

“The top 25 event was very special and it was fun to hear where everyone plans to go to college and what they want to study,” said Xanders. 

Some students work hard not even knowing they are one of the top students in their grade. 

“I actually was not expecting to be in the top 25 my senior year because earlier this year I went to my counselor and I was number 26, but I worked towards my goal and made the top 25 all four years of my high school career,” said Xanders. 

Time management can make or break academic accomplishments in high school. 

“I had to sacrifice many hours of studying but besides that with time management I was able to participate in the sports and school events while maintaining my academic standing,” said Xanders. 

Wanting to have a good high school experience and be a part of as many clubs and sports as possible, it can be hard to keep up with your grades and school work. 

“My family could not be prouder of me for accomplishing my goal all four years, my family got to cheer on both me and my twin at the top 25 ceremony,” said Xanders. 

Xanders plans on attending Indiana University to study speech pathology.