Results seen after taking weights class


Students who take weights as a class workout every day for almost an hour and many students have began seeing results.

Kaden Edwards

Weights is offered as a class during the school day as well as after school at NC. Many teams have designated after-school weights times. Individuals who choose to wake up early can attend before school. All the weight classes are taught by strength and conditioning coach Connor Karwowski. 

I have dedicated time to weightlifting ever since eighth grade when I began taking my athletics more seriously. As a current varsity football player and thrower it has become a skill that is very rewarding. 

I lift consistently, usually five times per week. The difference from where I started to where I am now is apparent and I have seen myself beat my personal records numerous times.

I would highly encourage people to find time to participate in weightlifting. It is especially beneficial for athletes because all sports require controlled body movements. Weightlifting is a great way to get your muscles engaged and work them to help stay in shape. 

Consistently strengthening and working your muscles helps to prevent injury. Injuries can ruin entire seasons and careers, so prevention measures are always a good idea. 

Weightlifting has helped increase my strength, speed and stamina. The healthy habit of working out has also led to a nutritious diet and taking pride in taking care of myself.

I highly encourage taking weights as a class or finding time to attend the open weights sessions. I think it will be very beneficial for many people as it has become a core part of my life.