Students in tardy room struggle in class


Students who are late to class are forced to go to the Tardy Room.

Matthew Maxey

Students can easily fall behind in their classes if they get caught in the tardy room. If you are late to class, you get sent to the tardy room where you sit all period. People always say to just get to class faster, but NC is a huge school and it is very difficult to get around from one class to another, especially when you are a new student. 

When you go to the tardy room you are missing out on valuable class time when in reality, teachers could just let you in class and count you tardy in Skyward instead. Missing out on one class period can hurt you a lot, trust me. I have been through that pain several times this semester. 

Being able to go to class when you are late is a win and loss in itself. Students will be present in class and not miss the lesson, but the tardies still count on the student’s records. 

I have been to the tardy room before, and the kids that are in there joke around and do not do their work. Students in that room do not see it as a punishment, but more as a free period. 

I think all of this would change if the administration would let the kids go to class late. I agree with the rule that six tardies result in a day of Saturday school. This is a good rule because it holds kids accountable, and accountability is a good life skill. 

I think the tardy room should have tutors there for support or give students the ability to watch their class online. Having support from tutors in the tardy room would allow students to improve their grades and be more productive.