Should more nutritious lunches be provided?


School lunches have been free since last school year due to COVID-19.

Antionette Frazier

When I think of school lunch, I imagine a gross, frozen burger with milk on the side. Unfortunately, this is the case for most American public school lunches. 

Some students find school lunches hypocritical because the school puts up multiple signs promoting nutrition, but then serves non-nutritious food. 

The lunch menu consists of a protein, a vegetable, a milk and a fruit. While this sounds healthy, many students will not eat most of their lunch because of how ill-prepared they are. 

Some students may receive a sandwich with stale bread or a cold pizza. Though this may not happen all the time, one bad experience with school lunch can make a student never want to eat it again.

Not eating enough in school is detrimental to students’ success. Without eating properly, students are not able to focus on school. Skipping lunch due to the quality of the food makes focusing on school assignments extremely difficult. 

Additionally, when students do decide to eat lunch, the poor food quality leaves students tired and sluggish throughout the day. 

Some students’ family’s income can not afford the option for their child to bring their lunch everyday or eat at home. School lunch can be a student’s only meal until the end of the day. This is why making tasty and nutritious lunches is so important.

Having a better and nutritious school lunch system at NC would benefit students tremendously. Students would be more alert because they could focus on their work rather than their appetite, and students who do not have food at home would have better options for meals at school. No child should feel like it’s necessary to bring lunch everyday because the school-provided food is insufficient. Let’s make the NC lunch experience a great and positive time for students.