School library participation depletes


Students who like to study during lunch have the option to eat in the quiet library.

Kevin Courtney

After four years in high school there has been one thing I have not done, and that is check out a library book. You would think that after four years of school and many research assignments I would have to check out at least one book from the library. 

With the world becoming more digitized day by day, the library has become a thing of the past. Apart from the book junkies and students printing out papers from time to time, the library seems very obsolete. 

I hardly ever see any students checking out books or utilizing the school computers during class time. Now, with every student having a device or Chromebook on hand, accessing the web is so much easier. 

I decided to ask around NC to see just how useful the library is to some students.

Senior Kyle Mcconnell believes libraries have become outdated. 

“I have no use for the school library apart from printing out paper. I use my Chromebook for any research or assignments I have to do,” Mcconnell said. 

“I have never checked out a book from the school library. I’m not a big reader and it takes time to look up a book for research projects. I don’t even know how to check out a book,” Mcconnell said.

Senior Devon Short used to utilize the library but does not anymore. 

“Before COVID-19, I had to come into school early to finish up any assignments and use the computer to print out paper. Now that I have a computer there really is no need to come in early,” Short said. 

I asked Devon if he ever comes to the school library for books. 

“No, I’m just not a fan of wasting my time to check out a book. I would rather just look it up,” Short said.

The school library is not just about the books and computers. Many students come into the library for clubs and to entertain themselves with games. However, with COVID-19 many people who used to come in for entertainment have left. Now that the library is used for lunch during school, many areas of the library have been closed off.

Teachers do not make use of the library. There has only been one occasion where my English teacher made use of the library during class time. I would be more inclined to check out books and do research if my teachers allowed me to use the library during class time. 

With technology evolving and research becoming easier, the school library is becoming more useless as time goes on. Although it has its benefits, the library has become a delicate place inside the school.