Students participate in National Latin Exam


Brittany Hardsworth is the teacher in charge of the National Latin Exam. She is very excited to bring this opportunity to her students.

Nataijah White-Davis

Every year NC offers an opportunity for students to take the National Latin Exam, an exam that tests students’ Latin knowledge.  Brittany Hardworth is the coordinator for the NLE at NC. This is Hardworth’s first year taking the exam with NC students, but she has given the exam in past years at Cardinal Ritter High School .

The NLE is given to Latin students across the globe. It is not a competition, but rather a chance for students to be recognized for their accomplishments in their Latin knowledge. 

The exam is a 40 question multiple choice test and is taken for 45 minutes. The NLE is offered at seven different levels.

Students have the opportunity to receive medals and awards based on their score. Seniors have the chance to win $2,000 in scholarship money from the Maureen O’Donnell Scholarships for Academic Excellence. The NLE is also a good add-on for achievements on seniors’ college applications. 

Although NC offers the NLE, it is not a part of the Latin department’s funding. This is a problem now, but it will be fixed for students in the future years. Students must pay $5 in order to take the test. The NLE is a great opportunity for students and more Latin students are encouraged to take part in the exam when it comes around again next year.