Another Broken Egg receives praise

Kevin Courtney

At every corner of your neighborhood, there is a good burger, a cheesy pizza or a crunchy taco. However, I believe another food item should also be at every corner, and that’s the omelet. The omelet is always a go-to food when going to a breakfast spot in your area.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find an omelet even though it’s a staple in breakfast cuisine. Another Broken Egg Cafe on 5025 E 82nd St, Indianapolis IN. looks to fix that problem as its specialty in omelets is a desire to have.

When entering Another Broken Egg Cafe, the ambient lighting fills the room. Hip-hop music also plays through the speakers that create a soothing mood, and the walls are painted beautifully with yellow and orange. It’s a nice tone-setter before you sit down for your meal.

Another Broken Egg Cafe has opened new restaurants around the Indianapolis area. This means that you will indeed be met with a crowd when entering the restaurant. If you do not have reservations beforehand, you may have to wait over half an hour just to be seated. 

When you sit down, you are then greeted with a menu that has an array of breakfast food such as pancakes, eggs, bacon, waffles, croissants, and their specialty, omelets. Each omelet and pancake has a unique style and different flavors to complement each other. Some of the omelets they serve are The Floridian, Hey Lucy, Southwest Scrambler and Lobster and Brie. Each omelet comes from a certain part of the state with its own unique style.

The omelet I chose to taste test was The Floridian. The Floridian is filled with cream cheese, garlic butter, crab meat and onions. It would seem like a unique concoction of crab meat and eggs. The omelet also came with a side, so I chose biscuits to go along with it. 

The first item I chose to taste was the biscuits. Overall I’d say that the biscuits were cooked just right. The butter melted on the inside, which made the biscuit a bit gooier. I did wish there were biscuits on their menu that had different flavors to compliment the different omelettes. In conclusion, it was a nice item to have on the side.

The main meal in the omelet was all I cared for, and it did not disappoint. The crab and eggs complimented each other well, creating a sweet taste to the omelet. The cream cheese and melted butter also soothed well together to create a creamy texture. All the toppings are infused together on a well-cooked omelet. It satisfied a palette I never had before. All in all, it was a nice pick up for the rest of the day.

Another Broken Egg Cafe was well worth the visit. If you want to expand your taste buds, omelets and pancakes are the way to go—either way, it is a well-run restaurant with great food to complement it.


Rating: 9/10