School halls return to somewhat normal


As upper D hall opens students flow freely, allowing them to get to class easier and in a more efficient way.

Max Edmondson

Students at NC used to have no access to the main hallway, D hall, due to construction. Now upper D hall has been opened, making getting to class significantly easier.

While lower D is still closed and disrupts traffic downstairs, the opening of the upper portion of the hallway is still a significant sigh of relief. Now there won’t be substantial traffic jams at both entrances of B hall.

It is nice knowing that I can freely walk through D hall and not be shoulder to shoulder with everyone, barely moving and trying to push my way through the crowd. K hall has also reopened, which is a huge convenience for students.

In a year that hasn’t had many upsides, this is certainly something to celebrate. Now I know it’s just a hallway, and I’m probably a bit too excited about it, but it does make life just a little bit easier.

Instead of walking all the way around through the student center to get to my English class, I walk right down D hall, allowing me to get to class less than half the time I used to. For freshmen and sophomores who stayed home all last year, this will take some getting used to.

After all, being stuck in the vast crowds and trying to go to class is simply all they’ve known in their time here. Finally being able to freely walk down a hall, they will get a nice breath of fresh air, not forcing themselves through the hoards. 

Surely lower D hall will reopen soon, which will free D and K stairwell, usually the busiest stairwell in the school, and would return things entirely back to normal. But for now, we can revel that our main hall is nearly done.

Up until now, I hadn’t realized how much I took that hall for granted. Hopefully, this is the first step back to normality at this school.