Food drive continues to help families


Freshman Max Baltz donates to the canned food drive during period one. Most classes around the school have canned food donation boxes, allowing the students to donate their items at any time.

North Central students and staff put together an annual school canned food drive. The proceeds of the drive go towards families part of the Washington Township community, starting with students at NC. 

The food drive helps people who struggle to put food on the table as well as people who do not know what to eat for dinner and worry about eating nothing. The program aims to help at least 250 families while supplying them with dinner. 

Before distributing the food to the 250 families, the food is sorted, counted and put into bags. These meals can range from having canned food items to items like milk and bread. Maddie Prible, the student in charge of the food drive, sets goals each year for the amount of families she wants to help.

“Our goal is to provide food for 250 families who have students in Washington Township Schools,” Pribble said.

The program frequently helps struggling families in NC and many other schools in the district. The food drive can only be successful with the help of NC students, teachers, coaches, staff and community members. The amount of food given to each family depends on how much food is received. If less food gets collected, a family might get four bags of groceries instead of seven. 

“Many people struggle with food insecurity. Helping provide food to them not only helps them financially, but also allows them to be able to focus on other things rather than just putting food on the table,” Pribble said.