Soccer tradition returns


Paul Loggan sits on the soccer couch with upperclassmen from the student section. Each year upperclassmen get the opportunity to enjoy the game from the seats of a comfortable couch.

Gus Osborn, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The infamous couch of the soccer program will make its return to the field this season. The soccer couch had been a big part of the soccer program’s culture until it was broken two years ago. The return has been long-awaited by both the boy’s and girl’s soccer teams. The new couch was obtained from an app similar to craigslist called Nextdoor and will arrive later this week. 

The couch serves as a place for upperclassmen student spectators to sit and cheer on their team. Unfortunately, the only teacher or administrator to ever sit on it was Paul Loggan. 

“When I see the couch, I know that we are home,” girls soccer head coach Habib Diatta said. Diatta is a fan of the couch and is excited for its return because he believes it represents school spirit. 

“It feels like something is missing without the couch,” Diatta said. It used to reside between the corner flag and bleachers on the west side of the field.

Diatta has noticed that the couch inspires the students in the crowd and players on the field. Diatta said that the students on the couch always cheer the loudest. He noticed that players on the field have more energy when the couch is there and that some say they prefer to attack on the side with the couch.