Recent gun violence incidents raise questions about safety


In lieu of recent gun violence, many students have questioned safety in schools. At NC there are many cops monitoring every entrance.

Cole, Reporter

On April 15, a gunman, Brandon Hole, killed eight people and injured seven at a Fedex Ground facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. After the shooting, the gunman turned the gun on himself, bringing the death toll to nine. 

Brandon Hole was a former employee at Fedex and had experienced mental health issues. Hole purchased  the two assault rifles last year that he used in the shooting. 

Last year Hole’s mother called the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department after Hole had been making suicidal threats. The IMPD did a mental health check immediately following this call and seized Hole’s shotgun. 

This confiscation of Hole’s firearm was done before Hole purchased the two assault rifles. Red Flag Laws in Indiana allow a judge to temporarily ban an individual from owning or purchasing gun’s for a certain period of time if they “present a danger to themselves or others.” This brings into question the need or lack of for more gun laws.

This shooting has impacted the Indianapolis and school community. Many students are advocating for more gun control. Senior Ashleigh O’brien elaborated on her thoughts regarding the incident.  

“I do feel safe in Indy, I feel safe in my home, and the environments I go to on a daily basis, but in some areas I am not used to or if I’m alone I am a little nervous,” O’brien said. 

O’brien believes that there should be more regulations put in place. “I believe there should have been better measures taken to protect the people there, more security, better checks on who they were letting into the building and better connection for the individuals inside to be able to call help and, or loved ones.” 

As of April 16, 2021 there had been 147 mass shootings in the U.S. this year and it has raised questions about how safe do children feel in schools. “There are times at North Central I’ve been a bit concerned… but I feel as if NC does a great job keeping us safe” O’brien said.