Cafe Patachou satisfies with delightful breakfast


The three egg omelet is served with two sides. Cafe Patachou is located on River Crossing Blvd. in Indianapolis.

Kevin Courtney

Cafe Patachou is a restaurant I have visited many times before. I am not sure if it is the food or the dining experience, but it always seems to draw me back. Keystone is an area flourishing with restaurants and shops, however Cafe Patachou should be a hot spot for anyone looking for a simplistic breakfast.

When you enter Cafe Patachou on 8697 River Crossing Blvd, Indianapolis, you are met with ambitious people ready to serve their food. The lively atmosphere coupled with modern themed dinner experience encapsulates a very well run restaurant.

Patachou has a classical vibe, with fancy lettering on the wall and lights strung from the ceiling. The sun comes seeping through the window, filling the room with light. 

The layout of the restaurant is what catches my eye every time. Tables and chairs are spread all around, so people can sit down and enjoy a nice breakfast. There is also a lunch counter where people can sit on stools and be served their food. A coffee bar and pastry cabinet are also available for customers to use.

The menu is filled with a Cuban styled breakfast. Omelettes are the specialty, however any breakfast type of food can be found. Eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, waffles and french toast are all options. Patachou also has a vegan and gluten free supplement with many items on the menu.

Ordering is quick and easy as you’ll have your food out in no time. The servers have a smile on their face and are very welcoming.

I ordered the make your own omelette. The title speaks for itself as you pick your own ingredients to place on a three egg omelette.  I added cheese and bacon on mine, however there are many other ingredients to pick from such as vegetables, and other types of protein. You can also pick from a few side items to go along with the omelette. I picked some fruit and toast as my items. 

Both the toast and the fruit were very nice food to go along with the omelette.  The toast was not burnt on top and had a nice crunch to it. The fruit was not watered down and seemed very fresh. 

The omelette was the star of the show. It was not overcooked and the ingredients laid nicely on top. The cheese did not overpower the egg and melted nice in the mouth. At the end of my meal I was full and recharged for the rest of my day.

Cafe Patachou far exceeds what a restaurant should look and feel. The cuban styled breakfast is a treat to have and should be on everyone’s list to come visit.


Rating: 10/10