Senior Assassin returns under new protocols


A senior aims to eliminate Gordon Ramsey from the game. Senior assassin is returning this year under new COVID protocols.

Moniouluwa Asekonuwo and Avi Sarkar, Reporter

Senior Assassin is a tradition that many students participate in their senior year. This year it will look a little different though. Social distancing, masks and student safety are all aspects that those in charge have to consider. Seniors Jay Grosfeld and Meg Newman are in charge of the competition this year.

Q: How much is the entry fee?

A: $5.

Q: How do students that get eliminated return to the game?

A: After buying your first ticket, you can pay $7 for an extra ticket or you could pay $10 for three raffle tickets in which the winner can win a free buyback.

Q: How will the raffle work?

A: Anyone can put money into it and we choose 10 people and they all get a free buyback, with more tickets that will give you a better chance at winning.

Q: How will things work and how will you guys be changing things because of the pandemic?

A: The rules are pretty much the same as any other year,  but we want people to maintain social distance and wear masks when they eliminate their target. We understand that since a lot of people are virtual it might make some targets difficult to find, but we’re hoping that there will be a lot more people who come back to school four days a week.

Q: How do you decide a winner?

A: It would be a last man standing type of thing but if it’s way too long, then we would have all the remaining people split the prize.

Q: What happens if students don’t eliminate their target in time?

A: The prize also would be split then or if there is a decent amount of people, we might do another week. It depends on the circumstance.