District releases updated statement regarding Shewell

Superintendent Nikki Woodson released a statement Thursday regarding the handling of former teacher Nathan Shewell. The statement was released on behalf of the district.

Both the Washington Township Schools administration and School Board are appalled by the accounts from North Central High School former and current students regarding the profoundly inappropriate and disturbing behavior of ex-teacher Nathan Shewell.

Please know that we are going to do everything we can to ensure that all Washington Township Schools students feel safe and supported.

While the investigation continues, we are developing and implementing multiple strategies to improve communication, enhance reporting and, most importantly, working with students to create a school culture that promotes safety and respect.

Over the next several weeks, we will:

Launch a listening tour to gather feedback from students and parents on how to develop a school culture that promotes moving beyond the rumor mill to provide a safe space for timely reporting of concerns to the administration.

Equip school administrators, teachers, building staff, and CEC leadership and staff with trauma informed tools to appropriately respond to students if incidences of misconduct are disclosed.

Make information about community resources available on the Washington Township Schools website and through school communications.

Review all policies and procedures on how to report misconduct allegations and actively promote policy and procedural changes across the district through multiple communications channels.

Create a  district-wide awareness campaign geared toward students on how to report allegations of misconduct via the already established anonymous tip line.

While the District has enforced policies used by many other school corporations encouraging reporting of inappropriate statements or conduct and provided anonymous tip lines for students and families to use, we are disheartened to learn that in a vast majority of the allegations that surfaced after the District fired Shewell these reporting channels were not used. Washington Township Schools acknowledges that there is additional work to do in developing a culture where reports are made.

We are committed to doing this work, and we want to make it clear that Washington Township Schools stands with all victims. Please remember that we do have ongoing access to counseling in each of our schools for all students and we encourage any student to access these services and resources.  

As a reminder, the safety of our students is our utmost priority. Any parent or student can anonymously report harassment claims to Washington Township Schools via text or phone 317-672-0613, email 121[email protected], or website https://msdwt-in.safeschoolsalert.com/. 

Our profound hope is that we can work together to create a safe and welcoming learning environment for all.



Dr. Nikki Woodson, Washington Township Schools Superintendent


 Members of the Washington Township School Board:


Mr. William Turner, President


Mr. Donald Kite, Vice President


Mr. John Fencl, Secretary


Mrs. Deirdre George Davis, Member


Mrs. Tracey Horth Krueger, Member