Silkelicious Mac puts a tasteful spin on a simple food


Sikelicous Mac is a restaurant that specializes in mac and cheese. Their menu includes many varieties and new kinds of mac and cheese.

Kevin Courtney

There’s always that one food item found on every restaurant menu. It may not be your first choice on the menu, however you can never go wrong with eating it. If you guessed mac and cheese, well you’re right, and Silkelicious Mac specializes in this food.

Silkelicious Mac is found on 8501 Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis, Ind. It’s eye-catching sign can be seen from the street. With a pasta mascot and bold lettering it’s sure to catch one’s attention when passing by.

Silkelicious has a comfortable dining atmosphere with booths and tables covered by cloth. Paintings are found on the walls and the sunlight comes through the windows.  It has a very welcoming aura.

The menu specializes in mac and cheese.  There are other options such as hamburgers, chicken, salad and mini pizzas too. What makes Silkelicious mac and cheese unique is the types of foods supplemented on the pasta. Whether it’s BBQ mac, pizza mac, German mac, or even meatball mac, it’s a quirky and interesting way to change such a simple food.

I ordered the original mac and cheese. It comes with bacon and sour cream ,so I got those two items on  the side. The cheese melted in your mouth and the pasta was not overcooked. The bacon bits added a meaty flavor that went well with the mac and cheese. Overall it was a nice mac and cheese that hit the spot.

The next item that I ordered was the mac-n-crab bites. These deep fried balls were filled with cheese and crab. An odd combination of food together in a giant ball. I was worried at first whether or not these ingredients would mix well. 

However once I sat down and took my first bite I was hooked. Once again the mac and cheese fused nicely into the fried ball. The texture felt great. The crown jule of the plate was the crab. It went well and blended nicely with the cheese. Overall it was the highlight of the meal.

A spin on such a simple food item makes Silkelicious Mac a great restaurant to stop by. It’s a great dining experience that I won’t forget


Rating:  9/10