Senior Assassin provides seniors fun and relief

Meg Newman, Reporter

Senior Assassin is one of the exciting activities plenty of seniors have gotten to participate in the last few years. Senior Assassin is a game where participants buy in to play and they are each given a target. 

The ultimate goal of the game is to be the last person standing. Participants are eliminated from getting shot with a squirt gun or being in violation of any of the rules that the game-maker has set. 

As the game progresses, the rules are subject to change and eliminated participants can potentially buy back in. If you win, you earn a share of the money that was used to be bought into the game.

Senior Assassin creates a fun and competitive environment for the seniors who choose to participate. It also creates a sense of relief among these seniors during second semester where the stress of deciding which college to attend and finishing strong academically is very demanding. 

Furthermore, Senior Assassin functions as a great way to unite the senior class and build relationships with classmates one otherwise could have never met.

Senior Assassin is fully student-run and student-funded which is why head game-maker Jay Grosfeld is dedicated to ensuring it happens. Grosfeld has been diligent about modifying the rules of the game to make certain that participants are prepared to mask-up and social distance. 

In a year where so much was taken away from the senior class, Senior Assassin is one activity to look forward to that guarantees some fun and camaraderie between students. It gives lots of seniors their final opportunity to get their competitive juices flowing one last time as panthers.