Yolk starts the day off on the right foot


The cinnamon roll and chocolate chip crepes from Yolk. Yolk is a restaurant focused on breakfast, located on 86th street.

Kevin Courtney

Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I agree. Breakfast fuels you with energy and it helps you stay active throughout the day. It’s safe to say that many restaurants around Indy specialize in breakfast. 

From basic fast food  all the way up to fine dining, you always look to find the perfect place to have a nice meal to kick start your day. So, does Yolk, at 2727 E 86th St, Indianapolis Indiana, satisfy those needs of a great breakfast?

Yolk is found in the IronWorks plaza, where many other bustling restaurants are found. I was not too surprised to see a restaurant like Yolk pretty crowded when I walked in. Yolk gives off a very modern feel, with large beams on the wall and lots of windows to let the sun come through. The vibe is great for an early morning.

I would say that Yolk is on the more fancier side when it comes to breakfast. When greeted with the large menu, you are met with an array of food. Yolk specializes in breakfast, however, lunch items can be found on the menu too. Whether it’s pancakes, omelets or chicken with waffles, you will find all your brunch needs here.

The service is great when it comes to a higher end restaurant like Yolk. The waiters had a nice big smile on their faces and everyone I met felt lively. The food service was great coming from a packed restaurant. Once you sit down and order you’ll  have your food within 20-25 minutes. 

The foods I chose were the chocolate chip crepes, cinnamon roll and hot chocolate. I picked a more exotic route with crepes because not many breakfast restaurants offer crepes. I also wanted to have a taste at one of their pastry items.

Lets begin with the chocolate chip crepes as they were dusted in powder and had a side of syrup and whipped cream. Once I placed them all together and tried a bite it was marvelous. The chocolate chips infused into the crepes and melted into the mouth. The syrup and cream blended together nicely to make a sweet taste in the mouth.

The next item I chose to eat was the cinnamon roll. Man o’man when I tell you it was the best cinnamon roll I have ever tasted I am not kidding. The icing melted off the roll and into your mouth, while the bread had a nice fluffy texture. There was just the right amount of cinnamon to satisfy the needs also.

I almost forgot about the hot chocolate that tasted great. The foam from the whipped cream and chocolate had a nice creamy texture. Definitely hit the spot on a nice cold winter day. 

To answer my question from earlier, yes it satisfies. Yolk is definitely a fine dining experience.

Rating:  10/10