Freshmen experiencing a unique start


Israel Darring


Due to COVID-19, freshmen have missed out on all sorts of traditions that usually occur. The class of 2024 have to get used to and adapt to the changes going into high school. Many are disappointed not to get the full high school experience in their first year of high school.     

Homecoming is usually a big way to kick off the school year and many were disappointed when it was canceled.

 “Missing out on homecoming is obviously really disappointing considering it’s something you go to with friends and have a good time. It’s a huge part of high school just as prom is for upperclassmen,” freshman Hannah Yeskie says.

 Spirit week is another event that freshmen missed out on.

 Yeskie says, “since my brother, friends, and teammates are upperclassmen I know spirit week can be such an enjoyable week, you get to wear certain clothes and do certain things that make the week fun. Hopefully we get to do it next year, it is unfortunate that we missed out on it this year even though they tried to do it virtually.”

 Junior Spectacular has always been a very big fundraising event, as well as a tradition that students can go and enjoy their time watching the student-written plays and get a laugh. This year Junior Spectacular was canceled as well. 

 “I’ve gone to the plays the last two years, and it is always extremely funny so it sucks that we had to miss out on it this year,” Yeskie said.

Yeskie explained her frustration with how the pandemic affected the football games as she was looking forward to attending them with her friends. 

“Football is a big part of starting off the year, socializing and meeting new people in the student section while cheering on the team. The student section is a huge part of football games, so not being able to be a part of it was upsetting. We had to sit six feet away from each other, making it somewhat boring at times, but it is what we have to do to be able to do these things next year,” Yeskie said. 

Pantherquest is NC’s freshman orientation, which Yeskie was looking forward to. 

“With Pantherquest having to be done differently this year, it was difficult to get to know the school and other people,” Yeskie said. 

Yeskie thinks that she was not getting the full experience of Pantherquest.

“We had to go into different groups at different times so you could not really meet new people or see your friends,” Yeskie said.

 Finals week is often one of the most studious and challenging weeks for some students.

 “It was weird because normally you go into school, get out early after your tests and then go do stuff with friends. This time we just got on, took our test and closed our computers,” Yeskie said.