Senior blood drive continues


The annual senior class blood drive amid the COVID-19 pandemic this past week. Many seniors still were able to donate this year, even ones that stayed all-virtual. There were not many regulations to follow before giving blood except to stay quarantined and healthy. 


Despite COVID-19 cancelling many fundraisers, the blood drive was still able to happen because it is not taking place on North Central’s campus. The blood drive took place in multiple locations around the city. Students were instructed to sign up online and then find the closest location to them.


Seniors Anna Petrov and Thomas Bronaugh took a risk by donating blood because the result in doing so can help anyone. 


“I really love everything about medicine and doing anything I can to help people,” Petrov said, “knowing I helped someone who needed blood for any reason makes it worth it.” 


“I know I have a rare blood type so I wanted to donate knowing it would help a lot of people,” Bronaugh said, “the benefit is knowing you are saving lives by donating.”


Not only is donating blood through NC helpful for the school but, also the community. The blood supply boost helps local blood banks support as many people as possible. 


Being at home helps students take better precautionary measures when adequately preparing to donate. “I can eat better meals and do my own workouts from home,” Bronaugh said. “I just make sure to eat good the night before, stay hydrated and get a good night’s rest.”