Nutrition Hub provides flavor and satisfaction


The strawberry banana shake from Nutrition Hub. Nutrition Hub is located directly across 86th street from the school building.

Kevin Courtney

When you think of a meal what comes to mind? You might think of a nice big pizza with breadsticks or a juicy burger with a side of fries, but some people think of Nutrition Hub. A new Tea and Shake Cafe located at 1776 E 86th St, Indianapolis Indiana. 

Nutrition Hub specializes in shakes and teas. I’m not just talking about the basic chocolate milkshake you get from McDonalds; I’m talking about shakes that can supplement whole meals.

When you enter Nutrition Hub you are met with a modern feel, with welcoming quotes on the wall and nice paintings throughout the room. The menu is nicely laid out so it’s easy to read and to comprehend.

 Nutrition Hub’s Menu is filled with many protein/meal replacement shakes, teas, and protein bars.  There are not many items, however the types of shakes/tea to choose from are abundant.

I am not an avid tea drinker nor do I drink shakes too often so I wondered what kind of twist Nutrition Hub would add to these items. Well, I was not surprised as the menu had something called meal supplement shakes. These are shakes that have tons of calories and nutrients that you would find in a meal. I ordered a strawberry banana shake and sat down at one of the tables.

As I waited for my shake I realized how many people came to the hub. Many people come to study, mingle or work. It made me realize how Nutrition Hub can be a great place to do some schoolwork or to meet some friends.

The service was amazing, as it took only a couple of minutes for my shake to come out. Take in account that I only ordered one shake and there were not too many people ordering at once. The workers seemed to be quite friendly. The service gets an A+ from my accord.

I have to say that the strawberry banana shake was great. The flavors bursted in my mouth, and I could taste the chunks of strawberry and banana throughout the shake. What really shocked me the most was that I finished with a belly full to the brim, with only drinking one shake.

Overall, my time spent at Nutrition Hub was a relaxing time. The atmosphere was great and the food was even better. The best time to visit would be on a hot sunny day or after a workout. Your belly will be full and the experience is great.

Rating: 10/10