Junior Spectacular not likely for spring

The members of Goosebumps from last years Junior Spectacular perform. The event was one of the final school events before the lockdown.

The members of “Goosebumps” from last year’s Junior Spectacular perform. The event was one of the final school events before the lockdown.

Sawyer Husain, Editor

The Junior Spectacular is a tradition that has long been participated in and loved by generations of families. The show, which includes four separate 20 minute comedy acts, is directed and cast by juniors seeking to raise money for the prom. 

Last year’s Junior Spectacular was one of the final in person events of the year before the entire district shut down. It does not seem as though this year’s seniors will get to use the funds raised from Junior Spectacular for a prom.

It does not seem like Junior Spectacular will be happening at all this year due the global pandemic. Some students had already written acts and shared their feelings about not being able to participate this year.

It is tradition in Junior Mira Bloomer’s family to write a Junior Spectacular act . Mira Bloomer, Sam Bloomer and sisters Annabelle and Coco all wrote acts, and Mira was looking to follow in their footsteps.

“It’s sad because my dad remembers spec really fondly and my sisters were always telling me how they had a blast doing it. I’ve had my group of spec writers since freshman year and we were really excited to get our idea started. It was one of those things I was looking forward to doing all of high school, so it is really disappointing to not have it this year but hopefully it will still happen,” said Mira Bloomer.

The tradition of Junior Spectacular is also present in Lucy Price’s family. Her sister Katy Jane participated in Junior Spectacular and Lucy hoped to do the same.

 “I definitely feel disappointed as I have been looking forward to it for so long, and the other writers and I have a really funny idea. I just hope there will be something in the future where we can do it safely,” Price said.

This year’s class council is looking into potential alternatives in hopes that all juniors will get to participate in this beloved tradition.