New slang takes over the hallways


Senior Deshon Hunter poses. Hunter has witnessed and even created some of the common slang at school.

Grace Mcmillian, Reporter

Walking through the hallways a student will hear a variety of words and phrases that a regular bystander would not understand. Slang is an international language that teenagers are pros at speaking.

Phrases like “no jeff,” “how you what,” “no cap” and “outta pocket” are commonly used around the school.

“No Jeff” is an original phrase made up by a student and his group of friends. “No Jeff, like no cap, basically means no lie,” senior Deshon Hunter said. “When me and my friends started saying it at school, a lot of people had no idea what we were talking about,” Hunter said. 

When something really exciting is coming up, a normal student may ask where it is and what are the future plans but, here “how you what” sums up all of those questions. “The first time I heard it I was confused, but then the next couple of times I listened to the context and figured it out,” Junior Harlem Brooks said. 

There is also another phrase used to describe something that is totally out of line or crazy. “‘Outta pocket’ is one I hear a lot,” junior Lauren Stolz said. “At first I didn’t know what it meant but, it’s used so much that I eventually got it,” Stolz said.