NBA star talks about high school, professional careers


Eric Gordon poses with his dad Eric Sr. after winning the “Mr. Basketball” award. Gordon graduated in 2007, then went on to IU then the NBA.

Jack Stansberry

Eric Gordon is a North Central and Indiana University alumnus. Currently, he is in his twelfth NBA season, playing as a shooting guard for the Houston Rockets. He holds numerous basketball records including 2007 Indiana Mr. Basketball and being the all time leading scorer. 

Q: What is something you did at NC that has helped you the most so far?

A: The way I trained and the way I determined to try to have success as far as practicing. I was also willing to do well in school. At NC I worked with some tutors. They were very helpful and they kind of paved the way. Their guidance is what’s helped me along my career.

Q: Did you have a favorite teacher or class?

A: I had a lot of great teachers and really couldn’t say one specific one. There were a lot of good people during my time at NC that made my high school career really easy and enjoyable.

Q: When you played against Mike Conley, Greg Oden, Jeff Teague and Gordon Hayward in high school, did you ever think you would play against those guys in the NBA?

A:  I knew those guys would be good,  but I didn’t think all of them were gonna make the NBA. I did think some of those guys were gonna make it. It’s crazy all the people in our conference had an NBA player at our time and that just lets you know the kind of competition we had. Most games were sold out.

Q: In recent years, have you come back and watched North Central play?

A: I did go see them a couple of months ago. I wanted to see the team while Jason Gardner was there and have a chance to watch them practice. They have a very unique team, small, but unique.

Q: What’s been the key to having a long and successful career in the NBA?

A: Knowing the kind of game I have and knowing how I could adapt to a different style of play.

Q: How has COVID affected you coming back and seeing friends and family in Indianapolis?

A: It’s affected everybody. It tries to make you lose touch with everybody and not be able to do a lot of things that you would be able to do on a daily basis, but I try to spend time to talk more to my close people and my loved ones also.