Junior class council forced to change future plans

The impacts of the COVID- 19 pandemic have changed  student life, with almost everything being switched to virtual. Not only has school been largely virtual, but so have many student events. 

Junior year at North Central is famous for its social events with prom and junior spectacular occurring. These are large scale indoor events though, making it difficult to adhere with COVID guidelines. 

With these events up in the air, the future of these events are left in the hands of the Junior Class Council. After elections were held at the end of the first semester, the council has made quick work in creating plans for the class of 2022 to participate in the decades old traditions of past Juniors. 

 This year’s council consists of President William Boswell, Vice President Ellen Howard, Treasurer Yooha Park, and Secretary Lillian Henninger. 

Secretary Lillian Henninger ran for student council because, “ [she] cared a lot about my Junior year and wanted to have a say on the events that were going to happen. Once everything with COVID happened, I decided to still run because I wanted to help make our year as normal as possible and do the best I can.”

Henninger hopes for the council as a whole to do the best they can given the current situation and says that she is working on ideas for class apparel and creating ideas for junior spectacular and prom. 

President WIlliam Boswell said he ran for office because, “it has been like no other. COVID has made every aspect of our lives different, and my goal has been to bring some degree of normal back into our junior year. Ideally that includes bringing back the events of previous years, like prom and spec.”

Boswell has been faced with a tough situation leading the council but still has created lofty goals. 

He explained, “My goal for the council is that we are able to pull off the increasingly difficult task of planning our events in half of the normal allotted time. Class council usually has the entire year to plan, and without that extra semester we have been really pressed for time. Regardless of our success on that end, I also hope to hold some new events to try some different things out this year. Personally, my goal for the rest of the year is to effectively balance all of the responsibilities I have so that I can do the best for myself and for those around me.”

 If the student council is able to make the events happen, they will surely be unlike any other year, but it seems more than likely that Junior spec and prom will somehow be moved to senior year.