Students share reactions to protests in the Capitol


Junior Emily Schneider

Q and A with junior Emily Schneider and sophomore Johnny Marshall

A: Marshall’s answers

A: Schneider’s answers

Q: What do you think has led people to march into the Capitol?

A: I think the people were fed by Trump’s words and a mob mentality attitude to storm the capitol. 

A: I think people have marched to the Capitol because they can’t get over the fact that Biden won and Trump lost the election. They were fueled by an overwhelming desire to just disrupt what they could, blinded from good reasoning and whatever potential consequences they could face.  

Q: How will these events affect the Republican party in the future?

A: I think the republican party is going to have to work really hard to build back their image and trust as they are now seen as crazy white supremacists.

A: These events give an awful reputation to and representation of the Republican Party. They were an abomination to the entire party and to America as a whole. I hope people can realize these radicals who made poor decisions are not a full embodiment of the party and should not be associated with the party and it’s values.

Q: Do you think there will be any security changes in DC?

A: I believe that there will be extra security measures on the important building in Washington D.C.

A: I think after this, the DC security forces will be trained and told to be prepared for any situation, even something as wild as this. At the Capital storming, none of the security was prepared for such an event,  which made it easier for rioters to bypass the security measures.