MIC students share opinions about NC: Ben Davis


Jeremy Moorman

Ben Davis’s student athletes had a surprisingly positive view of NC’s student body overall. Ben Davis senior Kayla Craig thought that NC was a great school, even saying that she would probably go to NC if she wasn’t at Ben Davis. Ben Davis senior Breaden McGowan had some different opinions.


Her positive insights should ensure NC students that we are going in the right direction. Craig feels North Central is very “versatile” and had a swift and efficient response to COVID-19


Both Craig and McGowan feel that North Central athletics stand out.


“North Central has a very competitive cross country team, both boys and girls,” Craig said. She feels that there is nothing North Central notoriously struggles with.


“I recognize baseball the most, I feel that is a sport NC is good at” McGowan said. Though he feels that the tennis team is “not very good and North Central is not known for its Tennis teams.”


Both Craig and McGowan have visited North Central’s campus and both feel the school was nice and was very spread out.


“Well, I’ve been to Northview Middle School for ISSMA Solo and Ensemble. The school was easy to navigate so that was nice. I’ve also been onto the cross country course for a meet, and it’s one of my favorite courses!!” Craig said. Craig has not been inside the school, unlike McGowan who enjoys how easy the school is to navigate. 


Craig thinks North Central would be a good second option to Ben Davis, though it is really far away “so transportation would be a struggle.”


“I would probably attend Warren Central if I did not go to Ben Davis,” McGowan said. 


Both Craig and McGowan gave positive feedback to the MIC overall.


“I would say the MIC is unique,” Craig said. 


“I think the MIC schools are very talented, in both academics and athletics. I think the conference stands out in Indiana” McGowan said. 


Though all the schools in the MIC are different and unique in their own way, each of the individual schools feel the same about the MIC in general and how the conference and schools within it stand out.