MIC students share opinions about NC: Part 4 Pike

The Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference is one of the biggest, most competitive conferences in the state and has even been nationally recognized as a superior secondary athletic conference. The MIC consists of eight schools; Ben Davis, Carmel, Center Grove, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, North Central, Pike and Warren Central. Each of the schools have different relationships and rivalries for different competitions.The NCHS Live! Team looked to get a deeper understanding and insight of what the MIC schools think of each other.

Students from Pike High School have common views about NC from a social and athletic standpoint. Seniors Sophia Jones and Modupe Esan shared how they compare NC to Pike and the other MIC schools.


“I would describe North Central as average because I feel like it’s an average school,” Jones said. Jones believes that NC does not stand out to her as being exceptionally good or bad at anything.


“I would describe NC as big, I don’t know why but I just see NC as a bigger school than Pike” Esan said.


Jones has friends at NC though she feels that not all of the North Central students are kind, “with some exceptions of course.” 


Given the constant competition between the schools, it is normal to describe a rival school as such. Of course, when it comes to sports, especially football, the similar feelings never stray.


“I think NC is known for having a better football team than Pike,” Jones said.


“I just refuse to believe y’all are good at football” Esan said, but “I think y’all are good at track because y’all won state the year before last, even though it was by one point, I still think y’all are pretty good.”


Jones and Esan have both visited the campus, but Esan has never been inside the school. 

“I have not been in the school part but, the athletic part rather and it didn’t really stand out to me, it kind of reminded me of BD so, it really didn’t stand out” Esan said. 


Jones, on the other hand, has been inside the school and “what stuck out to me was the cafeteria because it had a cool set up” Jones said. 


If given the opportunity to go to a different school neither Jones nor Esan would go to NC. 


“I’d go to Lawrence North if I wasn’t going to Pike,” Jones said.


“If I wasn’t going to Pike, I’d go to Ben Davis or Lawrence Central, no particular reason, I just would want to go there for a different scene” Esan said. 


Jones describes the MIC as “try hards” while Esan believes the MIC’s “uniqueness” is what makes it stand out.